Friday, March 13, 2015

Presidential Visit and Marathon Time in Los Angeles

President Barack Obama will be in Los Angeles on Thursday and Friday, with various road closures.  Plan ahead and give yourself lots of time to travel on those days.

Sunday is the Los Angeles Marathon - with record breaking heat! 
Marathon organizers have moved up the race's start time by 30 minutes because of the expected heat.
The start time for the race is now set for 6:55 a.m., when a temperature of 64 degrees with a humidity of 40% in downtown Los Angeles is expected. By the time the first runners make it to Santa Monica — likely between noon and 1 p.m. — the temperature is expected to have reached 80 degrees.

It will be a great event in the City, but keep in mind that traffic issues will likely  impact all of us.  Here's a link for the Marathon street closures.

Some extra fun -- On Friday night, 124 spotlights will be set out along the Marathon route and shining upwards. To everyone who's running in the Marathon this year, good luck!! 

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